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Welcome to the Next Generation of
Workplace Healthcare

Customized solutions to keep your teams healthy, happy and engaged.

Unstoppable is possible.™

We reimagine workforce safety and healthcare preparedness with proven strategies and high throughput testing that keep you up and running without disruption. We make unstoppable possible.

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Mobile Labs

Testing right on site to keep your team safe and in action.

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Mail-In Kits

Testing right on site to keep your team safe and in action.

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Preventative Healthcare Management

Clinical screening, on-site telemedicine and more.

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Point-of-Care Rapid Testing

Testing at the speed of life. Accurate results in as little as ten minutes.

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Advisory Services

We do the research so you can make the right decisions.

At your end-to-end service

Bloom is here to make healthcare comfortable and keep your operation running smoothly. Like you, high performance is our only speed.

Bloom Advisory Portal

Your portal to productivity

The online patient and admin portal is your one-click stop for sample registration, test results, compliance monitoring, and contact tracing.

A zero-tolerance policy for lost productivity

Where there is chaos, we create calm. Where there is confusion, we build solutions.

Where productivity is being restricted, we help it Bloom.

Let's Discuss Your Situation

We look forward to learning more about your specific needs or having a general conversation to help you and your teams to stay safely operational – at any location.