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Health Data

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Healthcare for an Evolving Workforce

Healthcare costs are rising, workforce models are changing and competition for talent is steep.

You need more from your workplace healthcare provider. More customization. More flexibility. And smarter, secure health data management.

Bloom’s innovative solutions are uniquely designed for today’s workplaces.

Delivering on Higher Expectations

Healthcare expectations around convenience, access and safety have forever changed. Employers who prioritize more than a rubber stamp health program will create a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining team members. And they’ll foster a healthier, happier, more engaged workforce.

Bloom is at the forefront of workplace healthcare, forging a better way for companies who care about their employees.

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Health Insights Done Right

Employers need accurate, anonymous, top level data insights to help them deliver better health and safety services for their teams. At the same time, employees want secure access to their own health data, without compromising on their privacy.

Bloom delivers both.

The workplace healthcare landscape will continue to radically transform in the coming years. Work with a partner who is ready to evolve and adapt with you.


Two-thirds of healthcare executives believe that their organization has significantly or moderately changed as a result of the pandemic.


Three-fourths of healthcare execs believe that the healthcare system will change more over the next three to five years. 

Source: BCG