About Bloom

Bloom Health Partners is a workplace healthcare company focused on providing customized services and insights to help employers attract team members and keep them healthy, happy and engaged.
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Providing Better Care for Employees​

Between worker shortages, material shortages and other stressors, today’s employees are struggling with burnout, mental health challenges and physical health issues left untreated through the pandemic.

As employers and employees wrestle with these challenges, Bloom remains dedicated to keeping them operational and more. Ensuring workers are cared for will pay dividends for those who prioritize keeping their teams healthy, happy and engaged.

Delivering Customized Solutions

At Bloom, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we listen to your organization’s specific needs and then build a workplace healthcare solution around YOUR operational structure, employee population and needs. As we continue our partnership, we keep listening and evolving with you.
Listen to Your
Specific Needs
Create Your
Custom Solution
Develop and
Measure and

Guided by World-Class Leaders

Bloom is guided by world-class science, medical and technology leaders. We see the flaws and roadblocks in existing occupational healthcare delivery models. And we’ve created something better.

Keep Your Teams Healthy,
Happy and Engaged.

Partner with Bloom to provide the next generation of workplace healthcare for your teams.