These are the default settings as set in Elementor. This is the default paragraph font, text, and color. To change them, don’t edit here. You need to go into Elementor settings and change them. This page is just a manually created visual representation.

H1: Heading One

H2: Heading Two

H3: Heading Three

H4: Heading Four

H6: Heading Six

Default Font:

Basic default fonts will be in 17px. Unless one changes it manually in each editor of each widget.

The default font has been loaded into elementor. It will only work with these weights: 100, 400, and 700.
Bold and Normal also work.

Default Colors:

As loaded from the Brand Guide, these are the “default” colors loaded into Elementor. 

Bloom Pantone

Currently set as the primary website color.

Bloom Red



Set as default text color #7A7A7A


Set as default secondary color #F0485E

Medium Gray

Hex #6C6C6C

"Cool Gray"

Hex #F2F4F7

Light Blue


Medium Blue


Yellow Secondary


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