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Bloom leads the COVID-19 tactical testing industry with science, experience, and a level of customer service and communication designed to move healthcare forward.
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Shorten the time and distance between collection and processing with a Bloom mobile lab. This streamlined on-site solution houses RT-PCR testing (the CDC’s gold standard) with a guaranteed 12-hour turnaround time.

Bloom can build, deploy, and staff a fully customized mobile lab in just three weeks.

Mail-In Kits

Convenience counts. Custom mail-in saliva collection kits are easy to complete from the comfort of your home.

results in 48 hours
99% Sensitivity, 100% Specificity

Point-of-Care Rapid Testing

On-site RT-LAMP rapid testing offers the flexibility of fast results paired with industry-leading accuracy.

Results in 1 hour
99% Sensitivity, 98% Specificity

On-Site Specimen Collection

Convenience counts, and custom mail-in saliva collection kits are easy for anyone to complete from the comfort of their home.

Results in 12–48 hours
99% Sensitivity, 100% Specificity

The highest standards of accuracy

Bloom tests for three proteins — going above the CDC requirement of one protein — in an effort to reduce false positives. And before confirming your result, we examine all positives in triplicate.

FDA & EUA Approved
Staffed and overseen by advanced technicians and scientists
Proactive in integrating the latest, most accurate technology
Validated by ongoing research
Coordinated by a dedicated advisor for quick, clear communication
The public and private sectors
Fortune 500 companies
Logistics teams requiring fast, nimble, and reliable workforce testing
A diverse range of industries from manufacturing to hospitality venues
TV and film production studios
Large-scale music, sporting, and entertainment events

Results at your fingertips

Our online reporting portal allows patients to easily register their samples and view results. Plus, administrators can log in to monitor compliance, track samples, and manage contact tracing.

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Each mobile laboratory has the capacity to run 2,000+ samples per day. Providing results in 12 hours.


We lead with experience. Our senior leadership team comes with more than 93 collective years spent in the medical and scientific fields.


Our dedicated research team monitors vaccine information, regulatory changes, public perception, and emerging technologies for 40+ countries.

A zero-tolerance policy for lost productivity

Where there is chaos, we create calm. Where there is confusion, we build solutions. Where productivity is being restricted, we help it Bloom.

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