Frequently asked questions

Our online portal allows for individuals to register their samples through a link and then use that same log in to view results. We also can create admin portals for companies to view their teams results and manage contact tracing.

We are able to source and secure point-of-care devices to meet the sensitivity and specificity needs of our clients. As many quality options have become scare we have leveraged our relationships to secure the needed technology for our clients.

We can provide custom mail-in kits for COVID-19 testing, both shallow nasal and saliva. The kits provide instructions, a link to register online and a pre-paid FedEx label to ship to our partnering lab. Once received by the lab, the results are ready in 24-hours and sent to the patient via a secure email link. They can then view their test results in their portal.

We can build out and staff a mobile lab for your production site in 3 weeks. These mobile laboratories are completely customized to the scale the site’s needed throughput. We work directly with your production team to provide the communication they need. These labs are a critical component to the safety for the cast and crew.

Our Advisory Hub is the premier destination for expert guidance and thought leadership for decision-makers at large corporations. Our research team creates dashboards that are updated on a biweekly basis regarding COVID-19 testing technologies, vaccine procurement, public perception, and treatment. We have a panel of scientists and doctors to review the information and provide industry insights companies can use for logistic planning on a local and global scale. We also have the capabilities for in-depth research.

Unlike most labs that only test for one protein, Bloom tests for three (3) proteins to minimize false positives and keep you operational.

Yes. Bloom can implement on-site sample collection, or train your staff to perform sample collection for best results.

Yes. Bloom has an in-house general legal counsel to ensure best practices for all regulatory affairs including data security and HIPAA compliance.

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