A healthcare movement.

We’ve seen the changes that COVID-19 has brought to our healthcare system. Telemedicine has changed. Healthcare preparedness has changed. Testing, laboratory, and treatment options have changed. Out of this change, we believe the system can be transformed and bring movement to healthcare.
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Bringing performance to population healthcare

The world deserves higher performing healthcare, so Bloom goes where others don’t and brings the care to you.

We’ve seen the gaps in service, the limited access and the inflexibility that have kept healthcare stagnant for far too long. It’s why we decided to create a movement of movement. Bloom brings top-tier care to the people, places and productions that once fell beyond healthcare’s bounds.

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On-location convenience

Meeting you where you’re at.

Clear communcation

One point of contact. No more chasing answers.

Elevated customer service

Keeping promises makes more friends.

Fast turnaround

Because sometimes you need it “yesterday.”

Customized solutions

Reducing risk and increased compliance.

End-to-end support

No disruption. Every angle covered.

Pulling off the “Impossible”

COVID-19 is the tailwind that pushed us into action. It proved that workforce testing is more than just crisis management—it’s an opportunity to improve care on a grand scale. Bloom is dedicated to keeping businesses operational through this pandemic and then using what we learn to change the future of healthcare.

Our Vision

Completely redefine the lab experience
Make turnkey on-site vaccine and testing clinics the norm
Use data-driven insights to inform operational decisions
Increased compliance (100% employee opt-in)
Foster happy, healthy workforces
Support informed, confident leadership
Save time and money with smarter, value-based care
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Success Stories


Each mobile laboratory has the capacity to run 2,000+ samples per day. Providing results in 12 hours.


We lead with experience. Our senior leadership team comes with more than 93 collective years spent in the medical and scientific fields.


Our dedicated research team monitors vaccine information, regulatory changes, public perception, and emerging technologies for 40+ countries.

A zero-tolerance policy for lost productivity

Where there is chaos, we create calm. Where there is confusion, we build solutions. Where productivity is being restricted, we help it Bloom.

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