Keep Your Fans in
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Bloom is a trusted on-site COVID-19 testing partner to keep live events of all kinds and sizes safe and compliant.
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Live Event COVID-19 Testing Services

Bloom Health Partners is a reliable health and safety solutions provider that has provided testing to keep large music concerts, major sporting events, corporate team gatherings and more safe and operational.

Flexible On-Site and Mail-In Solutions

From flexible on-site testing to user-friendly mail-in options, Bloom specializes in getting the entertainment and events industries back to work. We work hand-in-hand with COVID-19 Compliance Officers and Health and Safety teams to provide an end-to-end testing experience that is fast, reliable and flexible.
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Client Spotlights

Meet some of our clients, where we help make unstoppable possible with regular COVID-19 testing.
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On-Site Live Concert and
Event Testing across the U.S.
On-Site COVID-19 Event Testing
Super Bowl COVID-19 Testing for Guests; GSSI Athlete Testing; RTO Program Design
Mail-in Kits, On-Site Testing Kits,
Return to Office and Monthly

Ready for an Encore

Our turnkey testing and reporting approach ensures players stay on the field, performers on the stage, and fans in the crowd. Bloom has been trusted throughout the pandemic to keep live events safe with frequent COVID-19 testing.
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Make unstoppable possible
at your workplace.

Learn how you can keep your workplace open, healthy
and compliant with regular COVID-19 testing by Bloom.