Our Story

Born out of urgent needs, Bloom and its team of world-class medical and clinical experts kept Hollywood, schools and businesses safe, healthy and operational throughout the pandemic. That’s just the beginning of our story, but it’s one we’re quite proud of.
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Unstoppable Is Possible.™

Bloom was born at the onset of the pandemic. Organizations had to shut down, access to healthcare suddenly became a challenge and COVID-19 testing demands far exceeded the capacity of existing labs. Innovation was needed, and Bloom met the challenge.

What started in a parking lot in Houston, providing more accessible and convenient testing to the masses, quickly grew into Bloom providing customized testing, lab analysis, advisory and technology solutions across the U.S. for Fortune 500 corporations, TV/film productions, school systems and major sporting and entertainment events.

We Kept Hollywood, Schools and
Businesses Operational

Film production casts and crews work long and irregular hours, often in remote locations. To allow the show to go on, Bloom provided daily COVID-19 testing and screening to all cast and crew members.

At many schools, students and staff needed weekly testing. In factories, testing was provided to keep production lines running.

At major events and entertainment venues, corporations relied on Bloom to keep their teams safe.


Solving Forward for Better Employee Care

As the world evolves from pandemic to endemic, Bloom continues to innovate, solving forward to provide diverse workplaces with better, customized healthcare. Care designed to meet today’s challenges and tomorrow’s crises.

Keep Your Teams Healthy,
Happy and Engaged.

Partner with Bloom to provide the next generation of workplace healthcare for your teams.