Keep Kids In
the Classroom.​

Bloom’s K-12 COVID-19 screening program helps schools stay open and in-person with on-site, customized testing services.

Bloom’s contract with the State of Texas for K-12 COVID-19 testing has been extended for the 2022 – 2023 school year.

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The Best Defense Against School Closures

Students, parents, guardians and teachers have endured enough disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Weekly, non-invasive, accurate testing is our best defense to keep kids in their classrooms, sports, clubs and other school activities.

On-Site Collection by Professionals

Bloom brings professional staff to each school, who are trained in the most effective, accurate, comfortable test sample collection techniques. This approach relieves the burden many testing programs put on teachers and faculty. Because the last thing teachers or school nurses need is to add COVID-19 sample collection duties to their days!
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Fast, Accurate Testing to Stop the Spread

Many people with COVID-19, especially children and teens, don’t have symptoms but can still spread the virus. Regular testing is an effective, non-disruptive way to help keep schools open by finding infections before they can spread. And when you’re trying to find and stop a virus, speed and accuracy are critical! That’s why Bloom’s end-to-end screening program utilizes gold-standard PCR tests and turns results in 24 hours.

How it Works

Bloom’s standard K-12 COVID-19 testing solution starts with our dedicated on-site sample collection team of seasoned staff, who provide comfortable, flexible testing options to serve all ages and needs. Test samples are then transported by Bloom to a nearby Bloom lab. We own and operate our own labs, increasing quality control and turnaround time. Our approach provides enhanced reliability, transparency, communication, HIPAA-compliant reporting and accountability.
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Quick & Comfortable

Tests use shallow nasal swabs and take seconds per nostril, ensuring a quick and comfortable experience.
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Minimizing Disruption

The testing process is quick and managed end-to-end by trained Bloom professionals to minimize disruptions to the school day.
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Protecting Privacy

Results will be shared only for public health purposes and in a way that protects every child’s privacy.

Sample Collected by Bloom

COVID-19 specialists will administer a quick, comfortable front-of-the-nose nasal swab test. Parent consent is required.
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Sample Taken to Bloom Lab

Tests are transported to a state-of-the art CLIA-compliant Bloom lab.

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Sample Tested at Bloom Lab

Bloom lab team will conduct all testing, ensuring quality and efficiency.
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Results Reported by Bloom

Results are reported within 24 hours through Bloom’s secure, HIPAA-compliant online reporting system.
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Life & School Must Go On

Bloom has been trusted throughout the pandemic by Fortune 500 companies, major theme parks, manufacturing facilities, major sporting events, schools and TV and film production companies to keep them safe and operational with frequent COVID-19 testing. We provide this same expertise, end-to-end approach and gold-standard PCR testing to K-12 schools.
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Make unstoppable possible at your school.

Learn how you can keep your school open, healthy and compliant with regular COVID-19 testing by Bloom.