Healthcare When and Where You Need It

Bloom brings healthcare directly to the workplace. Whether that means an on-site clinic, mobile health services, telehealth or a customized combination of all three, we partner with businesses to serve their people. Where and when they need it most.
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The Bloom Client-Centric Approach

We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare. Instead, we listen to each client’s specific needs and build workplace healthcare solutions around their operational structure, employee population and goals. As long-term partners, we continue listening and evolving with our clients.
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Specific Needs
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On-Site Healthcare

Hospitals and traditional clinics have their place with primary care, but companies and organizations need a broader set of services to take care of employees. Proactive, convenient care provided at the job site makes more sense for most organizations.

Traditional healthcare costs continue to rise, employees are aging and competition for new employees has intensified. On-site healthcare designed to fit your organization can improve employee health, save lost time, help attract talent, increase productivity and improve employee retention.

Bloom’s on-site healthcare options range from basic lab screening needs to full-service preventative and primary care. Healthier employees result in a more productive organization.

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Mobile Healthcare

Bloom specializes in delivering workplace healthcare where and when it’s needed most.

Our mobile team is ready to serve the unique needs of all organizations, including branch offices, retail locations, industrial facilities, TV/film production sets in remote locations and special events.

Bloom’s mobile solutions provide employees with complete on-site health services to keep your teams healthy and operational. Combined with Bloom’s data platform, you’ll gain the ability to manage and enhance productivity – no matter how spread out your operations or locations may be.

“This is a new world of work. Companies
not adapting do so at their own peril.”

-Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock


Telehealth services have emerged as a vital part of providing health to large groups of people. As part of an employee health platform, telehealth offers extended services to a wider field of workers and treatment models.

For employees, telehealth saves time and provides unmatched accessibility and convenience. For employers, it reduces costs and fosters a healthier, more engaged workforce.

Bloom’s customized solutions include telehealth services designed to work in tandem with on-site and/or mobile services plus our health data management platform, Bloom Shield.

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Health Data Management Services

Employers need accurate, anonymous, top-level data insights to help them deliver better health services to their teams plus manage risk for the organization as a whole. At the same time, employees want secure access to their own health data, without compromising on their privacy.
Bloom’s proprietary Bloom Shield software platform delivers both.

Bloom Shield Protects All Your Needs


Better employee health services and improved risk management.
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Protection and privacy they can trust; access to their own data.

Be a Better Employer

Get a leg up on attracting talent and keep your teams healthy, happy and engaged. Learn more about Bloom’s workplace health solutions.