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Bloom is a trusted on-site COVID-19 testing partner to keep workplaces of all types and sizes safe, operational and compliant.

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Reliable Health & Safety Solutions

Bloom Health Partners is a reliable health and safety solutions provider that is trusted by Fortune 500 corporations, major film production companies, large entertainment venues, schools, manufacturing facilities and more. To date, none of our frequent, ongoing COVID-19 testing clients have had a shutdown or delay due to the virus.

Fast, Flexible Testing

We work hand-in-hand with COVID-19 Compliance Officers and Health and Safety teams to provide a testing experience that is fast, reliable and flexible. With our end-to-end COVID-19 screening testing, contact tracing, vaccine tracking, occupational health services and medical advisory assistance and consulting, we’re ready to respond quickly with customized solutions for your workplace.
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How Our Testing Works

As you continue leading and managing risk through this pandemic, you can rest assured that Bloom will manage all aspects of your COVID-19 testing process. With on-site collection, labs and reporting, we manage every step, allowing us to meet the unique needs of your workplace while maintaining quality control, fast turnaround times and accountability.
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Tests use shallow nasal swabs and take seconds, for a quick and comfortable experience.
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The testing process is quick and managed end-to-end by trained Bloom professionals.

RT-PCR & Rapid Testing

Bloom provides a variety of testing capabilities: mail-in, on-site point-of-care (rapid) and RT-PCR. Our RT-PCR analysis process tests for three proteins versus the one required by the CDC, and all positives are run in triplicate for verification.
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24 hours

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1 hours

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6-24 hours

Vaccine Tracking & Workplace Safety Technology

Bloom also provides smart, integrated and cost-effective vaccine and testing compliance tracking. Our health-tech solutions ensure employee health data is securely collected and managed, with dashboards customized to your needs, data-driven insights and crisis containment support. We help businesses business stay open, healthy and compliant with insurance companies, unions, OSHA and more.
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Advisory Services-Bloom Team

Advisory Services

We help businesses across a broad range of industries and locations save time and stay on top of the latest global landscape and scientific progress. Gain access to timely, trusted, customized insights you need to plan and manage risks through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Client Spotlights

Meet some of our clients, where we help make unstoppable possible with regular COVID-19 testing.
Specially-designed testing program allowing for safe, mask free experiences for guests & staff

On-Site Employee Testing,
Mail-in Kits

Super Bowl COVID-19 Testing for Guests; GSSI Athlete Testing; RTO Program Design
Mail-in Kits, On-Site Testing Kits,
Return to Office and Monthly

There's Work to Be Done, Across All Types of Locations

Bloom has been trusted throughout the pandemic by businesses to ensure important work continues safely with frequent COVID-19 testing. We serve workplace teams, regardless of where the work is being done — in the office, at home offices, on the road, in the field, at the manufacturing plant and more. We also provide nimble solutions that allow us to go where others don’t — from remote, rural locations to large, urban cities and everything in between.
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Make unstoppable possible
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Learn how you can keep your workplace open, healthy
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